Ukraine. .she means many things to different people. Considerably,  all projects of Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine are designed to increase the local and international participation and collaboration in the spheres of mainly education, technology and business. Without the participation of particularly the ex-pat resident community locally and Ukrainian immigrants living abroad our mission is impossible.  Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine strives to become a leader in “non-financial”  aid and “business technology knowledge transfer” to Ukraine, and other countries where the company will establish it’s core for-profit business projects. The parallel strategies of “CSR” [Corporate Social Responsibility] in the communities where we establish for-profit business projects is an example of our central Christian values–namely of giving back to the community. providing the “spark”–“the light” where there is darkness and no hope for a younger generation of Ukrainians who wrongly believe their future is not in Ukraine.


Why wait for Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine, or any other ex-pat founded company  to become a billion dollar company in order to start a program of CSR? Why wait 5 or 10 years to make $100 million in order to give back a few dollars to the local community. Alternatively, dollar value equivalents can be returned to the community during every phase of a young business start-ups growth. Eventually, Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine will lead the way in proving what result can be achieved with letters and phone calls to influencers locally and abroad.

Live Free,

Polo Mwonyonyi, Founder

Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine

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