Mwonyonyi Charities

Mwonyonyi Xoldingz Ukraine’s mission is to liberate young people of less fortunate educational opportunities due to their economic-social conditions. “The Free Library Project”  is our first project of the company focused on providing free learning  resources to financially challenged elementary and high schools in Ukraine, Uganda, Kenya and Belarus. These four transitional economies are also countries in which the company will establish other independent business projects


By maintaining strong relationships with educational systems  and Ministries of `Education in the communities we do business in, we insure that our Christian ideals that guide our corporate diplomacy are balanced with our global business strategy. [ a PDF prospectus will be made for download on this  exact page soon describing the types of elementary and high school text books we need].

The Free Library Project does not:

  1. We do not collect any money or request it. We collect only donated educational books , and physical learning resources.
  2. We do not publish the name of the donor[s] although, it is the donor’s request to do so. We  will respect your privacy.